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Sanrio Moon Mini Light

Sanrio Moon Mini Light

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Introducing the adorable Sanrio Mini Moon Light, a delightful addition to brighten up your space with cuteness and charm! 🌙✨

Each Mini Moon Light features a soft figure of your favorite Sanrio character lying gracefully atop a crescent moon. When turned on, this enchanting moon-shaped light emits a warm and gentle glow, creating a magical ambiance in any room.

Choose from five beloved Sanrio characters, including the timeless Hello Kitty, the lovable Pompompurin, the sweet My Melody, the mischievous Kuromi, and the charming Cinnamoroll. Each figure captures the essence of these iconic characters, making it a perfect collectible for any Sanrio enthusiast.

Whether you place it on your bedside table, desk, or shelf, the Sanrio Mini Moon Light adds a touch of whimsy and wonder to any space. It's also an ideal gift for Sanrio fans of all ages, spreading joy and radiating that special Sanrio magic.

Size: 5.5cm tall

Batteries included

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