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Sanrio Sakura Festival Blind Box

Sanrio Sakura Festival Blind Box

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Add a touch of springtime magic to your collection with the Sanrio Sakura Festival Blind Box. This adorable blind box features a Cherry Blossom & Wagashi collection that showcases eight Sanrio characters in a pastel pink color scheme, along with one mystery figure to discover.

Each figure is beautifully designed with intricate details, capturing the essence of spring and cherry blossom season.  What makes this collection even more special is its unique Wagashi theme. Wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets, have been incorporated into the design of each figurine, adding an extra layer of cultural significance to the collection.

What is a Blind Box?
A Blind Box is a type of packaging used to conceal a collectible toy until it is opened. Typically, Blind Boxes are sold in series that showcase a collection of figurines, with some being more rare than others. The rarer figurines are often referred to as "secret", "hidden", or "chase" figures.

Note: Each full case in this series contains 8 unique figures that are not repeated. If there is a secret figure in the case, one of the basic figures will be randomly replaced for it.

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